Scott and I Jo – The Book

Who Gives A F**k: The Story of a Brother and Sisters Misguided Shenanigans

Scott M. and Quinn S. 




My beloved brother and I are currently in the process of writing our first book to be published. I want to take this time to share some highlights from our upcoming book. 



Have you ever looked at another person and thought “I wish I knew what went through their mind?” Have you had an interaction with another individual and thought “I wonder what caused them to be this way?” Have you ever thought that your life’s trials and tribulations are unrelateable or a little unorthodox? I know that I have thought all of these things countless times while people watching, reading social media threads, or interacting with a new person or even an old friend. You see many of life’s traumas or the baggage of people’s past goes unspoken, locked away deep within the ganglionic network of the person to which these memories belong. We often develop preconceived notions or opinions about others based on appearance, personality, behavioral characteristics, interactions, etc, without ever knowing why this person is, looks, or acts in a certain way. We are all shaped not only by our genetic predispositions but also by our life’s experiences, past actions and reactions, consequences, event outcomes, interpersonal relationships, repressed memories, and much more that molds or alters an individual’s psyche. Each person’s experiences and the effects that those experiences have on that person’s psychological development and behavior is unique to them.


Lastly, we hope this book will encourage you to verbalize, write, and share your past experiences with others without fear of embarrassment, shame, guilt, or anxiety. Sharing our pasts with each other can help us gain perspective, evolve our thought, avoid or alter future situations, learn from others, and expose what makes each us uniquely us. Remember to have fun with this because at the end of the day who gives a fuck!

Exert from Chapter 1 Scott: 

Was I gay? Was this okay? Will I be damned to hell? So many unanswered questions loomed through my mind as the prevailing feeling of guilt overcame all other emotions at that time. I told myself not to worry about hell because it cannot possibly be a place. My family was not a religious one, we never went to church or discussed God, and we certainly hid when the Jehovah’s Witnesses came knocking. My twelve year old self settled on these questions currently being unanswerable as I drifted off to sleep. The next day I wondered if I was gay and wanted to know why. I thought to myself ,“Surely you have liked girls. Right?” I thought hard and long and could not bring forth the thought of any girls that I felt attraction to but rather just girls that I was or wanted to be friends with. In fact much to my dismay at the time, and regretfully embarrassing,  I thought about how I first felt an odd attraction to David Bowie as depicted in the 1986 film Labyrinth. To this day I have no idea what my attraction to David Bowie was at the time as I don’t find him remotely attractive. Maybe it was the sensualism exuded by his character or the tight gray pants that hugged his crotch tightly revealing his man bulge. Whatever the case may be I then had the affirmation that I needed to confirm that I am gay.

Exert Disclaimer: Quinn 

***Disclaimer*** If you are not familiar with common Appalachian terms or the hush-hush cultural norms of West by God Virginia, then I advise that you skim through the Appalachian Transliterations as well as the Scott-and-I-Jo-isms. I also recommend that you watch Wrong Turn. Why? Well, if this book ends up offending your hillbilly self, then watching Wrong Turn will definitely make my truths seem like water off a ducks ass in comparison. We both know that  movie isn’t true about our near and dear state, except for those people that live up on Hot Springs Straight. I’m not mentioning any names, so if you think you know who I am talking about then the words in this book are the least of our problems. To my dearest brother, my best friend, my life partner, the person I will wear Depends with while screaming obnoxious obscenities at all fifty of our cats, and will cocktail all of my medications in conjunction with theirs, while swallowing them with Gin Ensure (we should make this a thing) – I love you. You are absolutely amazing, fabulous,and an exquisite classy boujee bitch that I am proud to share my identity disordered life with.  

Exert from Chapter 1 Quinn:

It seems that everyone these days knows I have commitment problems. I used to be able to find something and commit to it, anymore I can commit myself to something about as much as Ten Second Tom with ADHD can. Everything is brilliant and amazing; I want to touch it all, see it all, and conquer it all. I have a bad case of the ‘I wants’ in combination with knowing that I can, but I am missing the ability to commit to completion on most things. I suppose the sum of the past thirty years has taken its toll on my lifes equation; I have pondered if I didn’t have a touch of one or more mental health disorders. Between Scott and I, we both know we are either absolute fucking genius that occasionally gets a touch of that icky disease called emotions or we are Narcissists. Two boujee gay refugees from West by God Virginia chasing degrees and accreditations, thinking that validation and alphabetical characters after our name will somehow make us whole and happy AND of course much better off than the crackhead alcoholics we left behind in Burg-Vegas, USA (don’t worry we usually just call them family and friends).

That is all I am willing to share for now, please stay tuned as we progress through our trials of writing, editing, and publishing. I look forward to hoping shed some light on life and share some of our lives with the world. Maybe we can all find some common ground in the mistakes we have made, the experiences we have had, and the wisdom we have gained. 

-Love Scott and Quinn 

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